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Reimagining mobility charging infrastructure for tomorrow’s world. A single platform for wireless charging for shared and private mobility worldwide.

Developed by Meredot, MePower technology enables wireless charging at contact as well as charging over the air. The technology differs from older, Qi wireless charging systems because it supports charging in a variety of ways depending on the device and application.

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Positioning Freedom
MEREDOT charging technology does not require scooters to be positioned precisely. Charging is effective at any angle and in a 10-15cm range.
A fit for every model
Each pad is interoperable with every e-scooter, regardless of road clearance. This is achieved due to MEREDOT technology allowing power transfer over 15 cm distance with over 93% efficiency.
Transmission through materials
Meredot pads can be installed on the surface or underground. Asphalt, cement, snow, rain or ice won’t have an effect on power transfer.
Meredot charging stations are designed to not interfere with city infrastructure and can be installed in any public space, bringing brings benefits to city parking culture
Cloud Managment System

Receive updates from the station: battery level, station occupancy and attack alerts

Our managers are always ready to answer your questions. You can call us during the weekends and at night.

Access to all your networks - name, reboot and manage your stations

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We welcome scooter operators, system integrators to join our network of official partners and drive together the wireless charging revolution!
Retrofit Solution
Simply update your cable or contact-based station to wireless with the Meredot KIT
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